Current Employment Statistics

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Current Employment Statistics

Current Employment Statistics provide a monthly count of nonfarm establishment payroll jobs including jobs held by employees on paid sick leave, paid holiday or paid vacation. The count covers jobs filled by employees who are paid for any part of the week that includes the 12th day of the month. It is a count of jobs by place of work, not people. Individuals can be counted multiple times if they hold more than one job. Individuals not included: the self-employed, unpaid volunteer or family workers, domestic workers in households, military personnel, people who are laid off, on leave without pay or on strike for the entire reference period.

*Current Employment Statistics Program Release Dates
What's News
The latest Current Employment Statistics estimates are now available. The data reflects the preliminary estimates for March 2014 and revised estimates for February. View the full March 2014 CES report here, and at the Bureau of Labor Statistics State and Metro Area Employment Website.

Program Update
The nonfarm employment data available on this webpage contains information produced under the guidelines of official Bureau of Labor Statistics methodology. Detailed information about this methodology is available at the website for State and Metro Area Employment, Hours & Earnings, Detailed information regarding the inherent variance of the Current Employment Statistics (CES) program can be found at A table of the current month’s confidence intervals, which demonstrates the statistical variance inherent in CES produced estimates is available in the chart above, and in the Confidence_i tab of the Statewide report located in the Current CES data section.
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