Current Employment Statistics

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Current Employment Statistics

The Current Employment Statistics (CES) Program is one of the nation’s oldest and largest statistical programs. It is designed to measure the growth or decline in the number of jobs, hourly and weekly earnings and the length of the workweek across nonfarm industries. For more information or to review the technical notes of the CES program visit

Detailed information regarding the inherent variance of the CES program can be found at A table of the current month’s confidence intervals, which demonstrates the statistical variance inherent in CES produced estimates is available in CES Monthly News and in the Confidence_i tab of the Statewide report.

Current Employment Statistics Program Release Dates

The nonfarm employment data available on this webpage contains information produced under the guidelines of official Bureau of Labor Statistics methodology. Detailed information about this methodology is available at the website for State and Metro Area Employment, Hours & Earnings.


Monthly CES Report (updated 01/23/2015)

CES Data (updated 01/23/2015)