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The Bureau of Economic Analysis is the official data source for Idaho per capita and total personal income information. Statewide and county estimates are based on annual figures.
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Strong Profits Boost 2012 Personal Income Across Idaho
Strong business profits and modest wage and salary increases offset weakness in some agricultural areas of Idaho to send personal income higher in 2012 across nearly all of the state. Only Custer County, where molybdenum mining has been soft, posted a decrease from 2011 to 2012, and it was just eight-tenths percent.  Read more... (11/21/2013)

Hispanic Buying Power in Idaho for 2011
Hispanic Buying Power 2011
The 2011 Hispanic Buying Power Report is now available. 
Read more... (08/09/2012)



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2012 Statewide Data
Total Personal Income
Per Capita Income
*Estimates are in thousands of dollars, not adjusted for inflation.

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