Idaho 2015 Census Tables

(Counties updated 03/25/2016; Cities updated 05/19/2016)

Demographic Data 2010-2015

(Posted 7/05/2016)

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Local Employment Dynamics

* Applications open on census.gov website

Idaho Local Area Dynamics

Create custom employment reports based on age, gender and geographic location.

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On the Map

Create your own custom maps and reports. On The Map is an interactive mapping application that shows in high definition where people live and where they work.

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What is census?

Population data is released by the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program. Total population estimates for states, counties and incorporated places are released annually.

Data series for births, deaths and domestic and international migration are used to update the decennial 2010 census base counts. These estimates are used in federal funding allocations, as denominators for vital statistics rates and per capita time series, as survey controls and for monitoring recount demographic changes.

With the July 1 estimate, the Census Bureau reviews the estimates for each year back to the last census. Previously published estimates are superseded. The state data are released at the end of the calendar year. The county and subcounty population data are updated in late spring or early summer.

What is the Local Employment Dynamics (LED) program?

The Local Employment Dynamics program is a state-federal partnership of the Idaho Department of Labor and the U.S. Census Bureau to provide demographic employment information called Quarterly Workforce Indicators.