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Local Area Unemployment Statistics

2017 Revised and preliminary data

(Updated 08/18/2017)

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Idaho July Unemployment Rate Declines to 3 Percent

Idaho’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for July fell to its lowest levels since mid-2008 while businesses led the nation in over-the-month job growth at 0.6 percent.
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State data and average annual rates
January 2016 through July 2017 - Updated 08/18/2017



What is the Local Area Unemployment Statistics program?

The Local Area Unemployment Statistics program is a federal-state cooperative venture that counts the number of people working— not jobs—by where they live. The data collected include individuals either working or actively seeking work during any part of the week that includes the 12th of the month. The results are used to develop monthly estimates of labor force statistics—the number of persons employed, unemployed and the unemployment rate—at the state, county and labor market area levels and for selected cities.